Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the officers who have received a plot for their �Sweet Home Sweet� in Jolshiri Abashon. I would also like to appreciate you all for your continued trust, patience and support which is a sine qua non for the project bringing into reality. I am thankful to authority for giving me the responsibility to create biggest welfare project for my fellow colleagues and first ever Satellite City of our country. We can all remember the angst and qualms involved in the project to build Housing Scheme. Nevertheless, through trials and tribulations, the Jolshiri Abashon has come up with good shape under the aegis of New Team of Officers. The long-drawn-out aspiration of the officers for possessing a piece of dream at Dhaka will not be far from expectation. I would give my heartiest thanks to the members of the Board and others associated with the project �JOLSHIRI ABASHON� for their valuable guidance, support, prudent counsel and significant contribution to accelerate its progress in the right direction. I and my members on the Board, place on record our appreciations for continued support from the Chief of Army Staff and also the Government. May the Almighty Allah bless us all.

Major General Abu Syed Md Masud, BSP


Jolshiri Abashon

Welcome to JOLSHIRI

Welcome to JOLSHIRI ABASHON - Jolshiri Abashon a company registered with The Joint Stock Companies under the Company Act of 1994 Section-28(KA)-is owned and managed by Bangladesh Army. It is run by a Board of Directors drawn from the top brass of Bangladesh Army and headed by a Chairman in the rank of Major General. This is a complete township project first ever planned in the country by Bangladesh Army.This website is a comprehensive information gateway for all resources, developments and updates on this mega project. The information can be accessed by web, wap and your mobile phones. You can access your desired information and submit all your queries to our email address. The members can access through their handset further information about SMS queries.

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Jolshiri Abashon, apart from existing DOHS concept, it is a massive endeavor, an ideal and independent satellite township development undertaking, the first of its kind in the country by Bangladesh Army. It is very close to the capital city with excellent connectivity and all the modern amenities, facilities and much more. The well-conceived development endeavor has plans to blend human habitats with earth and its pristine environment that also rationally adds aesthetics, amusement and recreation together essentially with all the urban functionalities, for a comfortable and enjoyable life for people of all ages in a complete modern township.

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