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Welcome to JOLSHIRI ABASHON - a unique residential project for the members of Bangladesh Army. This is an extra-ordinary initiative to provide a comfortable living experience to our officers and men. This website is a comprehensive information gateway for all resources, developments and updates on this mega project. The information can be accessed by web, wap and your mobile phones. You can access your desired information and submit all your quiries through your mobile handset by sending an SMS. For further information about SMS queries.

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Accommodation is a basic human requirement. Due to the nature of job and other factors, army personnel can not give adequate and timely attention to this basic human need. Therefore, after retirement or prior to retirement, suddenly they face the reality and requirement of proper housing comes up in the forefront. Army cannot fulfill their aspiration suddenly. Therefore, after long deliberation it was decided that a comprehensive and timely plan could help an individual to address this issue.

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